Eligible for MA Yoga

The eligibility for MA Yoga include having a bachelor’s degree in any discipline from a recognized university. Some institutes may also have specific eligibility for MA Yoga related to the field of study or background in yoga or related disciplines.

A postgraduate degree in the fields of yoga and naturopathy is the Master of Science in Yoga and Naturopathy. The program lasts for two years and is divided into four semesters. Especially, it teaches you how to live a healthy lifestyle and involves the study of numerous issues in this area.   

MA Yoga Science is a postgraduate program that focuses on the scientific study and also application of yoga practices. It delves into the theoretical, practical, and also research aspects of yoga, providing students with an in-depth understanding of the scientific principles underlying the practice of yoga. The eligibility for MA Yoga, students should have an undergraduate degree in Yoga or related field with a minimum 45% aggregate score.

What is MA Yoga Means?

Two years of study are required for the MA Yoga and Naturopathy program. You can either apply online or offline for the course. A yoga undergraduate degree or degree in a similar subject is required. Numerous universities provide online learning courses. You must also earn an undergraduate degree in yoga or a closely connected field to be admitted to the program.

The curriculum of MA Yoga subjects typically covers such as yoga philosophy, anatomy, physiology, psychology, research methodology, therapeutic applications of yoga, yoga therapy, meditation techniques, and the integration of yoga with modern healthcare systems. The specific MA Yoga subjects vary depending on the university or institution offering the program. Especially, MA Yoga subjects equip students train in the techniques of asanas (yoga postures), pranayama (breathing exercises), meditation, and relaxation practices.

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