What is an MA English literature?

MA English Literature refers to a Master of Arts degree program in English Literature. It is a postgraduate program. This MA program focuses on the in-depth study of English literature, including literary works, authors, literary theories, and critical analysis.

Then, M.A English Literature programs typically cover a wide range of literary genres, periods, and themes, providing students with a comprehensive understanding of the field. The M.A English Literature programs involves the study of various literary forms. Such as poetry, drama, novels, and essays, from different historical periods and cultural contexts.

MA English Literature also includes the examination of significant literary movements, influential authors, and critical approaches to literary analysis. Students also engage in close reading, interpretation, and critical evaluation of literary texts, fostering skills in literary analysis, research, and academic writing.

Then, the M.A English Literature programs usually consist of a combination of core courses. Then, which provides a foundational understanding of various aspects of English literature. It also includes elective courses that allow students to specialize in areas of their interest.

Subjects in MA English Literature:

Core courses may cover topics such as literary theory, critical analysis, research methods, and specific literary periods or movements. The MA program emphasizes the development of strong research and writing skills. Students are expected to undertake independent research projects, write scholarly essays or research papers, and often complete a thesis or dissertation. This is under the guidance of a faculty advisor.

MA English Literature programs often also offer elective courses that allow students to specialize in specific areas of interest. Then, these areas include Shakespearean literature, postcolonial literature, Victorian literature, or American literature. Some programs also incorporate interdisciplinary perspectives, exploring connections between literature and other disciplines like history, philosophy, or cultural studies.  

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