BA communication and journalism course

Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Mass Communication and Journalism is an undergraduate academic program. BA mass communication and journalism course focus on the study of mass media, communication theories, journalism principles, and various aspects of media production and dissemination. It is designed to provide students with the knowledge and skills necessary for a career.

Then, subjects equip students with a solid foundation in Mass Communication and Journalism, journalism principles, media production, and critical thinking skills. Graduates of the BA mass communication and journalism course can pursue careers in various fields such as journalism, media production, public relations, advertising, broadcasting, digital media, and corporate communication.

Future scope:

After completing a BA mass communication and journalism course, graduates can explore various jobs in the field of media and related industries.

Journalism Principles: This subject introduces students to the fundamental principles of journalism, including news-gathering, and news writing. Also, includes journalistic ethics, objectivity, and the role of journalism in society.

News Reporting and Writing: Students learn the techniques and skills required for news reporting, and conducting interviews. And researching information, and writing news articles in different formats.

Media Laws and Ethics: This subject covers the legal and ethical aspects of Mass Communication and Journalism, including media regulations, defamation, privacy laws, copyright issues, and ethical decision-making in media.

Society and Media: This subject explores the relationship between media and society, including media effects, and media theories. Also, media representations, media bias, and the impact of media on culture and public opinion.

Media Research and Analysis: Students learn research methodologies, data collection techniques, and data analysis in the context of media research. They also examine media content, audience behavior, and media consumption patterns.

Broadcast Journalism: This subject focuses on the principles and practices of broadcast journalism, including news anchoring, radio, and television news reporting. Also, scriptwriting, and production techniques for broadcast media.

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