What Can I Do After My Bachelor in Design?

After completing this Bachelor of Design degree is offered in many subjects, therefore a lot of specializations are there.

Then, there are many specifications under this Bachelor of Design degree which are BDes in Fashion Design, B.Des in Fashion Communication, BDes in Product Design, BDes in Industrial Design, BDes in Communication Design, and BDes in Textile and Apparel Design. The Major courses specification are mentioned below:

B.Des in Fashion Design- it provides a foundation in design and fashion towards creating competent and professional designers and managers. Fashion and Apparel Designers, Costume designers, Fashion Show coordinators, Stylists, Fashion Reviewers, etc. are some of the major career options after doing BDes in Fashion Design.

B.D in Product Design – It also prepares students for a career in the global production industry. Students can learn how to tackle complex problems solving, explore creative solutions, and develop realistic outcomes required in different fields.

B.D in Industrial Design – After completing a Bachelor of Designing course in Industrial Design, students can also work in industries including media, public relations, communications, education, and business.

B.D in Fashion Communication – It primarily focuses on four major domains Graphic Design, Space Design, Fashion Media, and Fashion Thinking, and the related of these major areas. It also uses digital skills through knowledge, application, and practice-based approaches. 

Master courses under Bachelor of Design:

After completing their Bachelor of Design degree, Graduates can pursue further higher education. Then, this Bachelor of Designing course graduates have a variety of possibilities based on their BA specialization. After completing their Bachelor of Designing course, graduates can pursue after finishing the courses:

  • MA Interior Design 
  • MA Fashion Design Technology
  • M.Des (Master of Design)
  • MFA Fashion Design
  • MA Fashion Design

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