What can I do after MA English literature?

After completing an MA English Literature, there are several career paths you can pursue. A master’s degree in English is required if you want to teach English at a university. Many colleges give post-graduate degree-holding professors consideration for teaching opportunities.

A student with a master’s degree in English will always write better. Under the supervision of knowledgeable academics, authors can hone their craft with the aid of a master’s in English.

A master’s degree in English can lead to a variety of employment prospects. The majority of hiring managers look for individuals who have the imagination, originality, and communication skills to think beyond the box. A postgraduate in English may also be perfectly qualified for a variety of jobs in establishments throughout numerous industries.  

Career options for a MA English Literature:

Teaching: You can teach English literature at the high school level or explore opportunities to do so at the college or university level. 

Academia and research: If you have a strong interest in research and academia, you can pursue a Ph.D. in English literature or a related field. 

Publishing and editing: An MA English Literature can also provide a strong foundation for a career in publishing or editing. 

Writing and journalism: This can include freelance writing, literary criticism, journalism, or content creation for various media platforms.

Cultural and arts organizations: MA English literature graduates may find opportunities in artistic and arts organizations, such as museums, galleries, libraries, or cultural centers.

Communications and marketing: Your analytical and communication skills can be valuable in fields such as marketing, public relations, or corporate communications. 

Generally, these are just a few examples, and the career options after an MA English Literature are diverse. Then, your personal interests, skills, and career goals will help guide your path after completing the English literature program. It can also be beneficial to network, gain practical experience through internships or part-time jobs, and seek guidance from career services at your university to explore opportunities and make informed decisions.

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