Various models of blended learning

Blended learning is an approach to education that combines traditional face-to-face classroom instruction with online learning. There are various models of blended education, and here are some of the most common ones:

Rotation model: Students rotate between different learning stations, which can include a combination of online learning and face-to-face instruction. There are several types of rotation models, including:

Station Rotation: Students can also rotate through different stations, each with a different activity, including online activities.

Lab Rotation: Students rotate through a computer lab or a designated technology area, where they complete online activities.

Flipped Classroom: Students watch recorded lectures or complete online learning activities at home, and then come to class to work on hands-on activities.

Major Models in blended learning:

Flex model: In these various models of blended learning, students complete most of their coursework online. With occasional face-to-face meetings with a teacher for support or additional instruction.

Online driver model: In this model, students complete all their coursework online, but they have access to a teacher or tutor for additional support as needed.

Self-blend model: In this blended education model, students have the flexibility to choose which parts of their learning they want to do online and which parts they want to do face-to-face with a teacher.

Enriched virtual model: In this model, students attend classes in person for a portion of the week and also complete the rest of their coursework online. Online learning activities are designed to enhance and then deepen what is learned in face-to-face classes.

A La Carte model: In this model, students take one or more courses entirely online, while taking the rest of their courses in a traditional face-to-face classroom setting. These are just some models of blended learning. The blended education model will depend on the specific needs of the students and the goals of the school or institution.

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