Transition from Traditional  to Online Learning

The only thing which was affected the most by the lockdown is education. All primary and higher education institutions were closed immediately, so physical distance could be needed. Today’s date, children’s education is at the center of the parent’s priorities. That’s why the sudden disappearance of education from the scene had become a matter of deep concern. At the same time, online learning emerged as a ray of hope over traditional education

First, many institutes started traditional education without the help of internet students at home. But now studies are being well in online learning as well. The advantages of online education courses are many, which firstly are time-saving, money-saving, health protection, and the opportunity to develop skills along with studies, etc.

Earlier, there was a lot on Google, YouTube, e-portal, and various apps for content at the level of competitive examination, research, expertise, and university education. But this time in the days of lockdown, WhatsApp groups were created under secondary and primary education, in which Regular study materials were sent, and teachers were online. Looked forward to solving students’ problems, test questions, and errors and teachers sent motivational comments to students for encouragement, all this was unprecedented.

Even in rural areas, the teachers adopted this method to keep the government-run secondary and primary education dynamic. The students of the village do not have laptops. Very few parents of students have Android handsets, availability of high-speed internet connectivity is also poor. Nevertheless, the kind of commitment shown by the children by joining this method with mutual coordination is amazing.

Traditional education disadvantages :

This digital medium is full of possibilities for both the teacher and the student. In this, the teacher has to prepare before coming in front of the students. When a teacher teaches with prior preparation, the teaching is effective and of quality. This is a universal principle of education. While online learning, the teacher has to be friendly, calm, and disciplined. The online education courses student is also more attentive and focused on the subject in front of the screen. In this way, teaching-learning activities take place in a pleasant environment. In such a situation the child quickly assimilates what he reads. 

By the way, online education courses cannot be visionary. There need to be more extracurricular and co-curricular activities in it, while it is of great importance in education. Even then, Online learning was very effective than traditional education during the lockdown period, there can be no doubt about it.

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