Technology improves online learning

Communication technology is the access, storage, creation, disclosure, and exchange of information through electronic communication using different types of technologies. This technology improves online learning that includes radio, television, video, DVD, telephone, (telephone, mobile) satellite, computer, and related software. It also includes tools and services such as video consultation, email, and blogs.

Generally, everyone knows the importance of communication in online education courses. But there is an ongoing debate about the specific role of communication technology and its overall effectiveness. Today’s techniques a study of techniques used in teaching learning includes the following techniques

  • Teaching equipment
  • Audio, video, and web format tools
  • Software, content
  • Connecting methods
  • Media
  • Educational websites.

Technology in Online learning :

The impact of information technology on online education courses depends on how it is used and what it is used for. Like other learning devices, tools, and models, communication technology does not work the same way for everyone and everywhere. Online education courses appear that this method is similar to the school education system. It seems that the marks of the students and the number of days they come to school have increased due to this system. On the contrary, the use of computers. However, there are differences of opinion about this. Many studies suggest that the use of computers has increased the usability of existing curricula. 

In particular, technology improves online learning studies have shown that the use of the computer, as a teacher, has helped students score higher in subjects. Students also learn quickly. Ability to learn increases. When students use computers in distance education, they become more motivated to study.

Computer usage, the internet, related techniques, and teacher training help to create an environment conducive to learning. All these studies are subject to criticism. It is also said to have flaws. The lack of accurate statistics is a drawback. The exchange of ideas between students and teachers is said to bring about a positive change in education.

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