Subjects in Master of Pharmacy in Pharmaceutics.

The Master of Pharmacy in Pharmaceutics degree is a disciplinary course subjects dealing with regulations and guidelines. It is enforced by the organization of physicians working in hospitals, clinics, or independent pharmacies.

Under the Master of Pharmacy course, the students also study the latest innovations in the drug delivery system. After the completion of the Master of Pharmacy in Pharmaceutics degree, the students can find job opportunities in both government and private sectors. 

The subject of the Master of Pharmacy course is valuable to students since it allows them to conduct in-depth research on the subject of healthcare, particularly medicine. Then, this course provides students with the capability they need to conduct pharmacological research and development.

Master of Pharmacy in Pharmaceutics syllabus:

The subjects included being all-encompassing, research-oriented, and also based on practical studies. Following are the major subjects that are covered under the Master of Pharmacy in Pharmaceutics degree;

  • Modern Pharmaceutical Analytical Techniques.
  • Drug Delivery System.
  • Pharmaceutical Production Management
  • Modern Pharmaceutics.
  • Regulatory Affair.
  • Synopsis of The Proposed Dissertation
  • Pharmaceutical Biostatistics and Computer Application
  • Molecular Pharmaceutics (Nano Tech and Targeted DDS)
  • Advanced Biopharmaceutics & Pharmacokinetics.
  • Computer-Aided Drug Delivery System.
  • Modern Analytical Technique
  • Cosmetic and Cosmeceuticals.
  • Biopharmaceutics and Pharmacokinetics
  • Recent Advances in Drug Delivery System

Thus, a subject of analysis is chosen as per the student’s interest. The Master of Pharmacy course also delivers strategies within the program to embody discussions, displays, room performance, assignments, attending, and seminars.

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