Subjects covered in MA English

MA English degree is a specialization in the Master of Arts course. Many students choose to pursue MA in English course after completing their UG in English. This Master of Arts English Literature is postgraduate and takes two years to complete study. MA English degree subjects are ancient and also in modern English literature, with a primary focus on poetry, prose, drama, and linguistics.

Students improve their knowledge and understanding of English and historical, political, and cultural settings after learning in Master of Arts English Literature also delves into the entire historical evolution of literature. And then it includes all movements and revolutions that occurred at a specific time.

The main subjects of the MA in English course are in terms of both ancient times and modern ages. This course also includes studies at an advanced level that fall under the categories of culture, politics, history, and philosophy. Students who have already done undergraduate can easily and then get deep into higher education. Here is the Master of Arts English Literature subjects that are listed below: 

  • The Structure of Modern English
  • English Fiction
  • Traditional English Drama
  • Indian Verses
  • English Language and Literature Training
  • Research Methodology
  • The Study of Modern English
  • Modern English Drama
  • English Fiction
  • Literary Theory and Criticism.

Is MA English subjects tough to learn?

MA English degree is not that much tough for students who have an interest in reading and also learning about the ancient period to modern times. Persons who love to read fiction and non-fiction is not hard to study English subjects. Because this MA in English course develops your knowledge of English in many ways.

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