Subjects covered under B.Tech Civil Engineering

You can Find out both core and elective subjects studied under B.Tech Chemical engineering degree syllabus throughout the course. Also, you can enroll in this course in distance education mode. B.Tech Chemical Engineering syllabus is one of the most popular courses due to its high popularity in the jobs sector.

Fundamental engineering subjects are combined with chemical engineering topics to broaden their learning, and vision, and manage several Chemical Engineering domains. Graduates with the required chemical engineering skills can manage all the subdomains of chemical engineering. Subjects in B.Tech Chemical Engineering are classified into two parts: core and elective. Internships and projects are an essential part of the B.Tech Chemical Engineering course.

Subjects in B.Tech Civil Engineering:

Students can choose specialization according to their area of interest in a particular field. Students must study both core and elective subjects during the academic. The following list is the B.Tech Chemical engineering degree core subjects.

  • Fluid mechanics
  • Mass and heat transfer
  • Techniques for separation of materials
  • Plant design
  • Process systems
  • Process economics
  • Thermodynamics
  • Process analysis
  • Process operations

B.Tech Chemical Engineering Lab Subjects:

The following list is the lab subjects in the B.Tech Chemical engineering degree syllabus. In this degree, both core and lab subjects are mandatory subjects for all students.

  • Chemistry Laboratory
  • Computer programming
  • CAD Laboratory
  • Engineering Immersion Lab
  • Materials Laboratory
  • Physics Laboratory
  • Process Control Lab
  • Mechanical Operations Lab
  • Fluid Mechanics Lab
  • Chemical Engineering Instrumentation Lab
  • Chemical Technology Lab
  • Mass Transfer Laboratory
  • Strength of Materials Laboratory
  • Chemical Reaction Engineering Lab

Elective subjects:

Furthermore, students must study an elective subject, because that will help them to get a job in related fields. There are elective subjects as well as in the B.Tech Chemical Engineering course:

  • Green Chemistry and Engineering
  • Drugs and Pharmaceutical Technology
  • Industrial Management
  • Food Technology
  • Fluidization Engineering
  • Process Optimization
  • Air Pollution and Control

Basically, B.Tech Chemical Engineering is a multidisciplinary branch of engineering that combines experimental, natural sciences, mathematics, and life sciences. Also, the syllabus has subjects of economics, to design, transform, produce, develop, transport, operate and manage industrial processes. B.Tech Chemical Engineers will need to consider economic viability, health and safety, sustainability, management of resources, and environmental impact.

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