Subjects in MBA E-Commerce course

MBA E-Commerce course is a two-year full-time postgraduate program that aims to equip graduates with the skills necessary to successfully manage an online business and/or the operations associated with it. It is a management course in which the students will enhance their analytical skills and foresee changing trends in the area of online business. With the help of e-Commerce, businesses can carry out speedier transactions at a much lower cost.

MBA E-Commerce course aims to ensure that the students find a rewarding career for themselves. The MBA E-Commerce syllabus includes all the important topics that are necessary for students to study.

MBA E-Commerce subjects:

The MBA E-Commerce course subjects are dynamic and consist of all the vital information of the course. The MBA E-Commerce subject comprises core topics that are essential for the learning of the students. The following list is the core subject of the MBA E-Commerce degree:

  • Project Management
  • Operational Research
  • Web Publishing and Hosting
  • Data Mining and Data Warehousing
  • Project Work
  • Case Test

The MBA E-Commerce syllabus covers Online Business Management, Strategic Marketing, Operational Research, etc. The MBA E-Commerce degree curriculum is divided into 2 years with 2 semesters each year. Students will learn each of the topics within these 4 semesters accordingly. The MBA E-Commerce syllabus covers the necessary topics that are required to study. The first two semesters consist of the basics while the other two are the core important topics. The course structure is clear and accurate which helps students to learn easily. 

Moreover, the MBA program explores concepts in Web construction, marketing, general business management, data mining, and business law. Generally, Specializing in E-Commerce management encompasses the role and responsibility of looking after a website or application that focuses on the buying, trading, and selling of products and services to the public or for business purposes. Also, the MBA E-Commerce degree management syllabus comprises subjects from general management, marketing, e-commerce, finance, luxury, and retail management.

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