Students can now pursue 2-degree courses simultaneously – How?

A dual degree, sometimes called a double degree, is two separate degrees in two different fields. The degrees could be at a variety of levels, such as two bachelor’s degrees, bachelor’s and master’s degrees, or two master’s degrees, as long as you earn them at the same time. The students can pursue 2-degree courses simultaneously—read the below text and know how it is possible.

No matter what your career goals are, a second degree will provide opportunities for you to pursue a new career or advance in your current one. In fact, second degrees can expand your existing knowledge and grant you additional skills. A second bachelor’s degree might qualify you for promotions or advancement.

As per the UGC’s latest announcement, the dual degree programs will allow students to pursue two physical degrees, from two different universities or institutions at the same time. University Grants Commission, UGC has allowed students to pursue 2-degree courses at the same time as per the following methods;

Dual Degree – Study Options:

  • Both degrees are in physical mode, provided that the timings of the classes do not clash with each other.
  • One in physical mode and one in Online or Open Distance Learning, ODL mode.
  • Both in online or ODL mode.

A double degree is absolutely worth it. It’s uniquely designed to give you a competitive edge in a crowded job market. You’ll get hands-on experience, like an internship, to which other future job candidates may not have access. It’s also a way to gain not just knowledge, but real expertise. Moreover, a double degree requires more planning and studying two different fields in more detail.

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