Salary scale for B.Sc OT and AT

B.Sc OT and AT graduates in India have a range of high salary paid career opportunities in the healthcare sector. They are primarily involved in assisting surgeons and anesthesiologists during surgical procedures. Additionally, they are responsible for maintaining the cleanliness and sterility of the operation theatre and ensuring that all necessary equipment is functioning properly. Here are some career options and approximate salary ranges for B.Sc Operation Theatre and Anesthesia Technology graduates in India:

Career Options:

Operation Theatre Technologist:

Operation Theatre Technologists assist surgeons and nurses in the operation theatre. They prepare the operating room, arrange equipment, and assist during surgeries. They also ensure the cleanliness and sterilization of the operation theatre.

Anesthesia Technologist:

Anesthesia Technologists assist anesthesiologists in administering anesthesia to patients before surgery. They monitor patients’ vital signs during surgery and assist in the management of anesthesia equipment.

Surgical Assistant:

Surgical Assistants work closely with surgeons, providing them with the necessary instruments and supplies during surgeries. They may also help in suturing wounds and maintaining a sterile environment in the operating room.

Medical Equipment Sales and Marketing:

Graduates can work for companies that manufacture or distribute medical equipment. They can also be involved in sales, marketing, or technical support related to operation theatre and anesthesia equipment.

Hospital Administration:

Graduates can work in hospital administration, managing operation theatres, surgical departments, or anesthesia services.

Teaching and Training:

With additional qualifications, graduates can become educators, teaching operation theatre technology and anesthesia technology in colleges or training institutes.

Research and Development:

Graduates with an interest in research can work in the development of new medical devices, equipment, or techniques related to operation theatre and anesthesia.

Salary for B.Sc OT and AT:

Entry-Level (0-2 years of experience): ₹2.5 lakh to ₹4.5 lakh per annum

Mid-Level (2-5 years of experience): ₹4 lakh to ₹7 lakh per annum

Experienced (5+ years of experience): ₹6 lakh to ₹10 lakh or more per annum.

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