Online or Classroom Learning - which is better?

Online education is simply called internet-based education systems. Students get this education online on a computer, laptop, and smartphone.  It has become a popular medium of instruction. Due to the lockdown, its use has increased rapidly.  Online education has been encouraged by many countries including India, and classroom learning communicates with the student through the internet.  For the last several years, there has been a facility for online classes in which students who can’t go to school can continue their studies.

Students can do their studies by sitting wherever they want. Teachers and the government have a big contribution to popularising Online education. Also, online learning is exactly what it sounds like it is a form of distance learning. Its classroom learning management system typically stores the training content, which is accessible anywhere, at any time.  

benefits of Online learning :

In classroom learning a teacher or also trainer moderates and regulates the flow of information and knowledge. Then the trainer expects the trainee students to deepen their knowledge through exercises at home. The benefits of the Online learning system that acts as a highlight for the best education option than classroom learning are as follows;

  • Flexible time
  • Flexible pace
  • Supports an independent learning style
  • Limited interaction
  • Classroom
  • Happens offline
  • Schedule and place
  • Imposed pace
  • Work together with colleagues
  • Learn from and with each other 
  • Extensive interaction between trainers and colleagues.

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