Online M.Com at suresh gyan Vihar

A (Master of Commerce) Online M.Com at Suresh Gyan Vihar University is a postgraduate degree program. That provides advanced knowledge and expertise in various aspects of commerce, finance, accounting, and business-related subjects. The M.Com course is designed to further develop the skills of students who have completed their undergraduate studies in commerce, finance, or related fields.

The M.Com course duration is for two years, divided into four semesters. Besides, the candidates should have completed a Bachelor’s degree in Commerce (B.Com) or a related field from a recognized university with a specified minimum percentage. Some universities may also consider candidates from other disciplines, but may require them to complete certain prerequisite courses.

Subjects in M.Com course:

Generally, the curriculum of the M.Com course covers a wide range of subjects related to commerce, accounting, finance, economics, and business management. The following list is some common subjects that are typically included in Online M.Com at Suresh Gyan Vihar University are:

  • Advanced Accounting: In-depth study of accounting principles, financial reporting, and analysis.
  • Corporate Finance: Understanding corporate finance decisions, capital budgeting, and financial management.
  • Financial Markets and Institutions: Study of financial markets, investment instruments, and financial institutions.
  • Business Economics: Application of economic principles to business decision-making.
  • Taxation: Learning about direct and indirect taxes and their impact on businesses.
  • Cost Accounting: Understanding cost concepts, budgeting, and cost control.
  • Management Principles: Introduction to both business management and organizational behavior.
  • Auditing and Assurance: Examination of auditing principles and practices.
  • International Business: Understanding international trade, globalization, and global business environment.
  • Research Methodology: Learning research techniques and methodologies for academic projects.
  • Financial Statement Analysis: Analyzing financial statements to evaluate the financial performance of companies.

Therefore, graduates of the Online M.Com at Suresh Gyan Vihar University can explore diverse career opportunities in fields. The fields such as accounting, finance, taxation, banking, auditing, consulting, and various roles in the corporate sector. Also, M.Com course graduates are well-prepared for managerial positions and financial roles in organizations.

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