Online BA History – course

An Online BA History course is a three-year undergraduate program that provides a comprehensive understanding of historical events, cultures, and societies. It is offered by various universities and institutions through online mode, making it accessible to a wider audience.

Generally, eligibility criteria for the Online BA History program are, that the Candidates typically need to have completed their 10+2 education (or equivalent) from a recognized board or institution.


Therefore, the Online BA History program typically includes a mix of core and elective subjects. So, that allows students to explore various historical periods and themes. Common Online BA History course subjects include:

  • Ancient History: Exploring the ancient civilizations of the world, including Greece, Rome, Mesopotamia, and Egypt.
  • Medieval History: Studying the Middle Ages, including the Byzantine Empire, European feudalism, and the Islamic Golden Age.
  • Indian History: Focusing on the history of the Indian subcontinent, covering ancient, medieval, and modern India.
  • World History: Examining global historical trends, connections between different regions, and the impact of globalization.
  • Political History: Investigating the history of political systems, revolutions, and the development of nation-states.

Elective Courses:

Online BA History course students often have the flexibility to choose from a range of elective courses, allowing them to specialize in areas like archaeology, gender history, or economic history.

The specific subjects and curriculum may vary from one institution to another, so it’s essential to refer to the course details provided by the university or institution offering the Online BA History program. So, this degree can open up career opportunities in teaching, research, journalism, museum curation, archival work, and more, allowing graduates to contribute to the understanding and preservation of our collective past.

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