MBA Project Management Course

MBA Project Management is a two-year postgraduate management program that deals with teaching students to act decisively and strategically in a dynamic world. Also, the MBA Project Management course educates students in planning and leadership for and achieving the most desired goals of a company. In particular, the MBA Project Management course prepares students to make decisions strategically and decisively in real-world scenarios and develops leadership skills. This MBA Project Management program educates students in planning and leadership for and achieving the most desired goals of a company. 

Eligibility criteria:

MBA in Project Management eligibility criteria requires the aspirant to obtain a minimum aggregate of 50% of marks in the final examination. Students can apply through scores obtained on entrance exams or through management quota. The minimum age for applying for the MBA Project Management program is 21 years. Also, for admission to an MBA in Project Management, students must research all the eligibility criteria required for admission. MBA Project Management Jobs offer opportunities in areas like IT companies, banking sectors, Academics, Colleges, Marketing, Universities, design companies, Trading, Government agencies, etc. The average salary for an MBA Project Management course graduates ranges from INR 3 to 20 Lakhs per annum.

MBA Project Management syllabus:

MBA Project Management syllabus and subjects include classroom lectures, discussions, industry interactions, case studies, projects, and other activities. The MBA Project Management program includes both core and elective subjects. The project Management subject in MBA is classified into two parts that are core and elective subjects. 

Core Subjects:

The following list is some core subjects for this MBA Project Management degree:

  • Project Evaluation
  • Project Management
  • Risk in Construction
  • Supply Chain in Construction
  • Procurement Methods
  • Experiences in Industry
  • Construction Scheduling
  • Labor in Construction

Elective subjects:

Apart from the core subjects of the MBA Project Management course, the following list is some elective subjects as well:

  • Analytical Methods
  • Building Services and Operations 
  • Construction Measurement and Estimating
  • Advanced Cost Management
  • Construction Regulation and Control
  • Means and Methods in Construction
  • Construction Law

Generally, MBA Project Management develops a comprehensive view of business operations and building management skills and leadership skills. Also, the MBA Project Management degree aspirants can choose electives according to their area of interest. Project Management is a unique program that is developed on the basis of knowledge and skills related to the quality of management and the areas of the project, operations, and quality improvement tools and methods.

An MBA in Project Management will offer you the experience of working in the field. You will not only benefit from core subjects such as Finance Analysis and Marketing but also learn day-to-day essentials such as time management, cost management, leadership, problem-solving skills, etc.

How to enroll in this course?

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