Master of Science programs available in distance education mode

In a fast-growing society, a master’s degree can expand your career opportunities and increase your earning potential. In particular, a Master of Science degree (or M.Sc. for short) is a degree awarded at universities around the world for completion of graduate-level study in a science- or technology-related field. Enrolling in a Master of Science program translates to making a significant investment in one’s professional career.

In addition to the enhanced career prospects that can be gained by taking a Master of Science, students also develop valuable personal skills and fulfill a crucial prerequisite to Ph.D. study. Also, Biological and Life Sciences, Business, Engineering and Technology, and Natural Sciences are the key academic fields of study that offer Master of Science programs

Likewise, Master of Science degree holders normally has to do independent research and present a thesis as a requirement for graduation. In fact, the variety of specializations available in Master of Science programs can be overwhelming – don’t let it stop you! So, start your search by looking at the most popular Master of Science degrees listed below.

List of M.Sc. Courses:

  • M.Sc Psychology
  • M.Sc Microbiology
  • M.Sc Home Science – Nutrition and Dietetics
  • M.Sc Data Science 
  • M.Sc Computer Science
  • M.Sc Information Technology
  • M.Sc Visual Communications
  • M.Sc Bio-Informatics
  • M.Sc Physics
  • M.Sc Chemistry
  • M.Sc Mathematics
  • M.Sc Zoology
  • M.Sc Botany
  • M.Sc Costume Design and Fashion Technology
  • M.Sc Agriculture
  • M.Sc Hotel Management
  • M.Sc Medical Microbiology
  • M.Sc Medical Lab Technology
  • M.Sc Radio Diagnosis

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