Master of Arts in Teaching and Master in Education - Differs

Middle school and secondary school teachers are likely to benefit from earning a Master of Arts or Master of Arts in Teaching degree. This is because it enables them to concentrate on subject-area expertise in their undergraduate program and then learn pedagogical skills in their graduate studies. 

Master of Education is a master’s degree course that studies the latest methods of teaching and educational research. The program also focuses on different aspects of education including instruction, curriculum, counseling, leadership, and educational technology.

Difference between a Master of Arts Teaching and Education:

  • Both the Master of Arts in Teaching degree (MAT) and Master in Education (M.Ed.) are degree programs that focus on improving teaching skills and knowledge. 
  • The MAT degree focuses on developing teaching skills and techniques. While the Master of Education degree focuses on developing a broader understanding of education theory and practice.
  • MAT programs typically require applicants to have an undergraduate degree in education or a related field. M.Ed. programs accept students from a wide range of undergraduate majors.
  • Master of Arts in Teaching degree programs tends to have a more hands-on, practical curriculum, while M.Ed. programs tend to have a more theoretical, research-oriented curriculum.
  • Then, MAT degree graduates are often taught in K-12 schools. M.Ed. graduates may pursue various education careers, including leadership positions in schools, educational policy, or research.
  • Ultimately, the choice between a MAT degree and a Master of Education degree depends on career goals and interests. Both degrees can provide valuable skills and knowledge for educators.

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