Master in Physiotherapy Neurology subjects ~ Listed below!

The Master of Physiotherapy Neurology course subjects imparts knowledge of crucial core subjects to the students. M.Sc Physiotherapy Neurology who want to get experience in treating neurological patients and attend courses specific to neurological physiotherapy to further their knowledge in this area is suitable for it.

M.Sc Physiotherapy Neurology students should be able to work under pressure and have the stamina to work long hours as they may face it both during their studies and career. Then, they should be able to empathize and be compassionate towards others and have emotional strength and maturity.  

The students can pursue Ph.D. if they are interested in further research work. Furthermore, students with an eagerness to do more can go for it and have a future in research work. They should be confident and strong decision-makers and have excellent communication and interpersonal skills.

Master in Physiotherapy Neurology syllabus:

These subjects are impressed in the Master of Physiotherapy Neurology course to expand their knowledge and skills that would also help reduce the neurological challenges faced by the patients.

Moreover, the M.Sc Physiotherapy Neurology students are lessons in Ambulatory exercises, Stretching and sitting exercises for balance, Exercises to strengthen the body, Massage Therapy, the Application of FES machines in clinics, Physiotherapy, Posture awareness, Movement training methods, and Neuro Pilates. 

Then, some of the significant core subjects in the Master of Physiotherapy Neurology course are as-

  • Neuro Surgical Rehabilitation
  • Biostatistics
  • Clinical and Journal Club
  • Review of Core Science
  • Physiotherapy in PNS Disorders
  • Neuro Surgical Rehabilitation
  • Medical and Surgical Aspects of Neuro Disorders
  • Neurological Physiotherapy
  • Management and Ethics in Physiotherapy
  • Physiotherapy and Functional Diagnosis of Neurological Disorders
  • English Language and Communication Skills
  • Dissertation 
  • Research Methodology 
  • Neurological Physiotherapy 
  • Physiotherapy in CNS Disorders

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