Master in Physiotherapy Neurology~ Eligibility.

Master of Physiotherapy Neurology course is a two-year postgraduate course. The basic details about the M.Sc Physiotherapy Neurology course, and the development of the student as a physiotherapist while pursuing the course are mentioned below.

The M.Sc course students are also given advanced lessons in Ambulatory exercises, Application of Exercises to strengthen the body, Massage Therapy, FES machines in clinics, Physiotherapy, Posture awareness, Movement training methods, Stretching and sitting exercises for balance, and Neuro Pilates. 

Then, the M.Sc Physiotherapy Neurology course helps to build critical thinking toward the case studies. The students are in correcting and minimizing movement disorders. Neurological physiotherapy treats patients with neurological disorders.

By pursuing the M.Sc course, the physiotherapist can also develop and extend knowledge and expertise in the field of neurological rehabilitation. The physiotherapist has the capability to improve the lifestyle of the patient. It increases the practical knowledge of the student.

Eligibility for M.Sc Physiotherapy Neurology:

  • For the Master of Physiotherapy Neurology course, students have to fulfill the following criteria to pursue the course.
  • The students get a minimum score of 50% in graduation.
  • The students must have completed B.Sc Physiotherapy Neurology from a recognized university.
  • The students must have completed six months of compulsory internship.

The Master of Physiotherapy Neurology course has lots of benefits given by the students. The students attain skills to solve physical problems by strengthening, balance and walking practice, postural awareness and control, respiratory assessment, and education. They can go for further research work. Neurologists are knowledgeable of spines and nerves. 

They work for perfection and excellence in their work field. The students are self-employed and then can open their own clinics. The M.Sc course graduates can even work at government and private institutes. M.Sc Physiotherapy Neurology course graduates should also have the intellectual ability to apply the concepts of neurological medicine to enjoy finding solutions to problems, dealing with people, and directing the work of others. 

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