M.tech Chemical Engineering Syllabus

The M.Tech Chemical Engineering syllabus covers topics such as thermodynamics, process control, fluid mechanics, chemical reaction engineering, process design, plant design, and environmental engineering. The M.Tech Chemical Engineering syllabus also allows students to specialize in specific areas of chemical engineering.

M.Tech Chemical Engineering is a two-year postgraduate course that imparts advanced knowledge in the field of chemical engineering. The Online M.Tech Chemical Engineering course is designed to expand the technical knowledge and skills of chemical engineers and equip them with the skills required for a successful career in the industry.

The online M.Tech Chemical Engineering syllabus course provides students with the knowledge and skills to become effective chemical engineers. These areas such as bioprocess engineering, energy engineering, and process safety engineering. Online M.Tech Chemical Engineering is an advanced course that also provides students with a deeper understanding of the chemical engineering field. M.Tech Chemical Engineering subjects.

Subjects of M.Tech Chemical Engineering

  • Advanced Chemical Reaction Engineering
  • Advanced Process Control
  • Mass Transfer Operations
  • Advanced Separation Processes
  • Process Integration and Optimization
  • Process Equipment Design
  • Advanced Process Plant Design
  • Process Plant Performance Optimization
  • Advanced corrosion engineering
  • Advanced biochemical engineering
  • Advanced industrial pollution control
  • Advanced Process Dynamics and Control
  • Advanced Fluid Mechanics

M.Tech Chemical Engineering subjects cover topics such as process engineering, materials science, reaction engineering, and thermodynamics. M.Tech Chemical Engineering subjects also focus on the development and design of new materials, processes, and systems. Students learn how to apply their knowledge of chemistry and engineering to develop new products and processes. The M.Tech Chemical Engineering subjects also provide students with the opportunity to gain experience in research, problem-solving, and communication.

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