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M.Sc Zoology course graduates get a career in the government. Apart from working in a zoology-related sector, one can pursue research-based programs or prepare for competitive exams such as the civil service.

Then, the career scope for Master of Science in Zoology graduates has high job opportunities to choose from. The jobs for graduates include ecologist, zoologist, researcher, etc. This Master of Science course scope is vast, and graduates can either choose to work after completing the course or opt to study further.

Researcher: As a researcher, Master of Science course graduates will work on different topics such as genetics, ecology, and biodiversity. They will also use their knowledge of Zoology to identify the cause of extinction and discover new species.

Teacher: M.Sc Zoology course graduates have a good chance of becoming academic teachers. The subject matter will be beneficial for the students. Master of Science in Zoology graduates can teach at schools, colleges, universities, and institutions of higher learning.

Ecologists: They will also use their knowledge of Zoology to study the relationship between animals and plants. As an ecologist, graduates will work on the study of the environment and its impact on human activities.

Zoologist: A zoologist is a scientist who studies animals and their behavior. It will be required to study the various aspects of animal behavior. Then, will be responsible for designing and carrying out experiments to study the behavior of different species of animals. 

What are the courses for M.Sc Zoology graduates?

The Master of Science in Zoology scope and salary in India are vast, and several employment options are available after graduation. After completing this Master of Science course also study the higher courses in this specification. The most popular courses after the M.Sc Zoology course are as follows:

  • Certification course in Animal Nutrition
  • Certification course in Forensic Science
  • Certification course in Agriculture
  • Certification course in Environmental Science
  • Ph.D.
  • MPhil
  • MBA

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