M.Sc Visual Communications Course Details.

M.Sc in Visual Communications course is a postgraduate program that focuses on developing students’ creative and technical skills in visual communication. Here are the details of the course. Then, the M.Sc in Visual Communications course typically takes two years to complete, divided into four semesters.

Eligibility: To be eligible for admission into the M.Sc in Visual Communications program. Candidates must have a bachelor’s degree in any discipline from a recognized university with a minimum aggregate score of 50%. Some institutions may also require candidates to have a background in fine arts, design, or related fields.

Course Curriculum: The M.Sc in Visual Communications program covers a range of topics related to visual communication, such as graphic design, digital media, branding, advertising, marketing, and photography. The MSc Visual Communications degree may include both theoretical and practical components. Students are required to complete assignments, projects, and then internships to develop their skills.

Major subjects in Visual Communications:

Some core subjects covered in the M.Sc in Visual Communications program are:

  • Design thinking and innovation
  • Visual communication and semiotics
  • Graphic design and typography
  • Digital media production and animation
  • Advertising and branding strategies
  • Marketing and consumer behavior
  • Photography and image-making
  • User experience design
  • Interactive and responsive design

Career Opportunities: Graduates of the M.Sc in Visual Communications course can pursue various career opportunities in the creative industry, such as graphic designer, art director, visual communication specialist, branding and advertising professional, and also digital media producer. 

Apart from that, MSc Visual Communications degree holders can also work in design studios, advertising agencies, marketing firms, publishing houses, television networks, and other media companies. Additionally, some MSc Visual Communications degree graduates may choose to pursue further studies at the doctoral level in visual communication or related fields.

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