Subjects covered under M.A Child Care Education course

M.A Child Care and Education course is a two-year postgraduate child labor law course. This program applies current research-based knowledge, theory, and evaluation in the fields of child development and early education. In this blog post, we have list out the subjects covered under M.A Child Care Education course. Let’s see them below!!

Basically, M.A Child Care Education degree holders get numerous opportunities in kindergarten schools, preschools, and childcare centers. Working parents of little children understand the requirement of a kindergarten teacher to make their kid learn behavioral skills such as how to interact with parents, teachers, and peers. M.A Child Care Education degree aims to equip students to enhance service provision at nursery, local and national levels. Similarly, this course prepares the students to become change agents in their own practice and in early childhood practice in general.

In fact, M.A Child Care Education course must be ready to adapt to new changes on a frequent basis. They are also made to learn other social skills with playful activities. Moreover, they can learn subjects including child development, activities for young children, language development, and other such subjects that help in the overall growth of kids. Apart from these, the core subjects studied in M.A Child Care Education degree are given below.

Subjects of M.A Child Care Education Degree:

  • Child Education and Development
  • Childhood and Adolescent Growth
  • Child life and Acculturation
  • Early Childhood Education
  • Child Psychology
  • Child Rights
  • UN and the Child
  • Child Labor
  • Child Health
  • Holistic Child Care
  • Child & Science Education
  • Disabled Children
  • Laws for Child Care

Moreover, individuals wishing to enroll in M.A Child care Education distance education course is provided with the attitude crucial for working with young children and organizing childcare centers. The duration of the diploma course varies depending on the institution. Furthermore, students will build on and deepen their knowledge and understanding of the practice and theory in relation to child development, curriculum design, and pedagogical leadership. M.A Child Care Education distance education course is designed to provide individual training to support parents of young kids and toddlers in learning in a protective environment through various playful activities.

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