Jobs in Master of Social works course

Jobs offered in the Master of Social Work course are growing awareness of rural distress and ills like illiteracy, lack of medical facilities, and drug abuse have increased employment in the field of social work.

Government and NGOs provide job opportunities in a Master of Social Work degree are large numbers. Also, there are many placements in international NGOs. Professional and commercial organizations hire social workers.

Also, the main task of a Master of Social Work degree is to try to solve socioeconomic and emotional problems. Their work will always have high objectives such as counseling, holding conferences, increasing available resources, and creating wide awareness.

If we take it as a government job, and welfare officer jobs, many jobs are concentrated in non-government organizations. A person with a Master of Social Work degree can first join the profession as a social worker and then get promoted. One can start his own healing center after gaining enough experience in this field. Also, World Health Organization, UNICEF, Labor Bureau, and many business organizations hire social workers for their employee welfare programs.

Scope of Master of Social Work:

After doing a Master of Social Work course, you can initially work at an average salary ranging from ₹ 20,000 to ₹ 35,000. As you experience stress from it, your salary can also increase. The best thing about this field is that by staying in this field. You prepare for a better tomorrow for society and bring the backward, downtrodden sections of society into the mainstream.

MSW course postgraduates have a variety of job opportunities ahead of them. Master of Social Work course gets government and private sector jobs. Some of the top candidates are State Government (Social Work Department), Central Government (Department of Social Work), Government Hospitals, Community Health Centres, Village Health Centres,  Non-Government Organizations, Nursing Homes, Orphanages, Counseling Centres,  Rehabilitation and Correctional Centres.

In the above work settings, MSW course postgraduates can perform the following roles: Social worker, Consultant, Instructor, Health worker, and Manager.  A social worker’s starting salary depends on many factors. Some important factors are the Institution where the applicant completed his studies. On average, the starting salary can be between 15-20K INR per month. 

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