Jobs after BBA Banking

Basically, the BBA Banking degree is an Undergraduate Professional course in Banking and the duration of this course is 3 and is divided into six semesters. In this course, students learn about basic management concepts as well as business studies. Also, there’s much scope for BBA Banking graduates in the banking sector as candidates can get many jobs and career opportunities.

Especially, career opportunities are huge after the BBA Banking course. Also, some of the job profiles are Financial Analyst, Financial Advisor, Loan Officer, Private Banker, Bank Teller Supervisor, Tax Assistant, etc. Moreover, students can expect an average salary of INR 3,00,000 to INR 10,00,000 per annum.

Employment Areas:

The following list is some BBA Banking degree employment areas for graduates. Also, BBA Banking course candidates can get work in both India and other foreign countries.

  • Accounting Firms
  • Automobile Industry
  • Banks
  • Credit Companies
  • Commercial Banks
  • Educational Institutions
  • Government Agencies
  • Health Departments
  • Insurance Firms
  • Industrial Houses
  • Investment Banking Houses
  • Large and Small Corporations
  • Management Consulting Firms

Job types:

The following list is some BBA Banking course job types after completing the degree. The BBA Banking degree graduates can work in both the private and public sectors.

  • Asset Manager
  • Agent and Broker
  • Assistant Controller
  • Administrative Officer (AO)
  • Assistant Administrative Officer (AAO)
  • Credit and Risk Manager
  • Customer Service Representative
  • Development Officer
  • Internal Auditor
  • Investment Banker
  • Insurance Manager
  • Investment Analyst
  • Loan Officer
  • Loan Counsellor
  • Marketing Manager
  • Marketing and Sales Executive
  • Personal Financial Advisor
  • Recovery Agent
  • Stock Analyst
  • Sales Representative
  • Sales Manager & Officer
  • Treasurer

Basically, the BBA Banking program covers management concepts with dedicated training in subjects like Treasury Operations, Investment Banking, International Banking & Finance, Risk Management, etc. In this program, candidates also will learn the aspects of banking. Also, there’s much scope for BBA in the Banking sector as candidates can get many jobs and career opportunities. Also, they can pursue a Post Graduate MBAA degree after the completion of their BBA which will increase their chances of getting more jobs.

How to enroll in this course?

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