Impacts of Online Education

Educational institutions were also closed during the lockdown period. The impacts of online education is so high in demand. Traditional learning teaching switched to online teaching in many countries which acts as an educational loss. Online learning teaches students to manage their time and impacts them to do multiple tasks. That builds their time management skills. Students are attending their classes through various education initiatives like online classrooms, and radio programs. 

Technology paves the way for education, thus helping students and teachers to connect virtually through online classrooms, webinars, and digital exams. Online learning has played a vital role during the pandemic. Online learning operates the internet as a mode to contribute. It thoughtfully designed quality, student-focused learning experiences, and created the most profitable practices that develop effective interactions between learners,  instructors, and scope.

This online education programs helps students to communicate all over the world, which built their communication skills. Hence this online learning has acquired popularity in recent days. Many graduates and working-class people are taking courses online to enhance their skills.

Facts in Online Education :

Especially to poor families and remote areas.  These online education programs create discrimination among the students, poor and rich or urban and rural.  Students below 14 years are not aware of the screen effect and get addicted to mobile phones that cause mental and eye problems.  Thus, traditional learning teaching cannot take the position of traditional classroom teaching for a long time and we will need to get back to traditional teaching as the pandemic ends. 

The impacts of online education programs will also open up opportunities for children from weaker socio-economic communities who have limited access to learning resources, teachers, textbooks, and infrastructure. Online learning will connect them to a global network of online learners, exposing them to new perspectives. The ideas that they receive will not be the number of heads in traditional learning.

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