Higher studies available for BBA Financial Markets

There are various Financial Market & Stock Market Courses that students can pursue from numerous educational institutes in India and abroad. After you have pursued a BBA Financial Markets degree, there are several career paths that you can take or you can decide to pursue higher studies further.

BBA Financial Market course is a 3-4 year, full-time UG program in Management, under which students are provided a theoretical and practical knowledge of utilizing the capital resources of an organization/ company in an efficient way, by planning, organizing, monitoring, directing, and controlling capital resources.

The BBA Financial Market course provides basic knowledge about the financial markets and their instruments like bonds, shares, debentures, currencies, derivatives, etc. Area of study in the BBA Financial Market program includes Principles of Investment, Environment of Financial System, Principles of Business Management, Taxation for Investments, Debt Markets, Foreign Exchange Market, Derivative Markets, etc.

Job-oriented program:

Likewise, the Diploma is a list of short-term courses in Finance, job oriented program in Finance, and the Stock Market. Also, under the BBA Financial Market program, the student gains theoretical and practical knowledge of the essential aspects of the securities market. Also, the BBA Financial Markets degree subjects which students study under the diploma program include the Capital market, Commodity market, Currency market, Derivatives market, Technical Analysis, and Options Strategy.

Moreover, the master’s program is a 1-2 year long PG program in Financial Market, which imparts students in-depth knowledge about trade financial securities such as stocks, commodities, and bonds in the market and related mechanisms. Also, subjects of the BBA Financial Market program include Taxation Law & Practice, General Management, Research Methodology, International Business & Finance, Financial Markets & Services, Dissertation, Management of Financial Institutions, etc.

Higher studies:

Some of the higher studies degrees that students could pursue BBA Financial Market course are as follows;

  • Post Graduate Certification Programme in Financial Markets
  • Post Graduate Certificate Programme in Financial Services (PGCP-FS)
  • Executive MBA in Financial Markets
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Financial Markets
  • Post Graduate Program in Security Analysis
  • MBA in Finance Markets
  • M.Com Finance markets
  • Master of Finance Markets
  • MS in Finance and Investment
  • Diploma in Financial and Stock Market
  • Advanced Diploma in Financial and Stock Market
  • MSc in International Finance Markets
  • MSc in Finance, Investment Analyses, and Wealth Management

How to enroll in this course?

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