Higher studies available for B.Sc Physics

The B.Sc Physics is a three-year undergraduate program comprising both theory and practical courses. In particular, from Physics and a few interdisciplinary courses in Mathematics Chemistry, and Computer Science. Through the wide range of courses, the B.Sc Physics students get to learn about varied concepts, namely, quantum mechanics, waves, particle and nuclear physics, electromagnetism, thermodynamics also statistical mechanics, etc. Likewise, pursuing M.Sc physics or other higher studies after graduating with a B.Sc Physics degree is the most obvious choice.

Besides practical and theoretical knowledge is imparted to the students along with a greater emphasis on the practical application of the principles of Physics. There are more than a few options for students who have completed their graduation in B.Sc Physics. The following list is some of the higher studies options that the students can choose from.

Short-term courses:

The following list is some of the short-term after graduating B.Sc Physics course:

  • PG Diploma in Data Science
  • PG Diploma in Astronomy
  • PG Diploma in Nanotechnology
  • Diploma in Medical Lab Technology 
  • PG Diploma in Community Health Nursing
  • Certificate in Lab Assistant/Technician
  • Diploma in Operation Theatre Technology (OTT)
  • PG Diploma in Machine Learning/Artificial Intelligence

MBA Courses:

  • MBA in Entrepreneurship
  • MBA in Innovation
  • MBA in Data Science
  • MBA in Business Analytics
  • MBA in Information Technology

M.Sc courses:

The following list is some of the M.Sc courses after graduating from the B.Sc Physics course:

  • MSc in Materials Science and Engineering
  • M.Sc Vacuum Sciences
  • M.Sc Acoustics
  • MSc in Applied Physics
  • MSc in Physics
  • M. Sc Applied Electronics
  • Master in Atomic and Molecular Physics
  • MSc in Particle/Nuclear Physics
  • MSc in Geophysics
  • MSc in Molecular Physics
  • MSc in Optical Physics
  • MSc in Medical Physics
  • MSc in Biophysics 

Therefore, B.Sc Physics degree students can work in a variety of professions after graduation. Because of the rapid growth of technology, there is always room for advancement in the discipline of physics. Also, B.Sc Physics course students can work as researchers, professors, technicians, lab assistants, and physicists, among other positions.

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