Higher studies available for B.Sc Home Science

Basically, the B.Sc Home Science is an undergraduate professional degree offered by many universities. If you wish to pursue a job right after your B.Sc Home Science degree, you can pursue your higher studies via distance education. In particular, the B.Sc Home Science course includes the study of the diverse fields in science which includes nutrition, health & growth, hygiene, rural and child development, economics, family relations, etc.

Generally, B.Sc Home Science subjects include physics, chemistry, biology, physiology, hygiene, sociology, rural development, economy, development of children, relations with the children, living communities, the arts, food, nutrition, clothing, and home management. It can also be said as the science that deals with the surroundings and environment.

Higher studies after B.Sc Home Science:

The wide scope of the B.Sc Home Science course in India helps graduates who can opt for advanced degrees or pursue employment for 2-3 years and then decide on career development courses to improve salaries and broaden the workforce. The following list is some students of B.Sc Home Science degree can follow several postgraduate courses:

  • Master of Arts
  • M.Phil
  • M.Sc
  • Ph.D
  • MBA
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Home Science

Higher study options:

The following list is some of the higher study options after the B.Sc Home Science course is:

  • Master of Science – Home Science Extension Education
  • Master of Science – Home Science Foods and Nutrition
  • Master of Science – Home Science Family Resource Management
  • Master of Science – Child Development and Family relations
  • Master of Science – Human Development and Family Studies
  • Ph.D. Child Development
  • Ph.D. Home Science
  • Ph.D. Human Development and Family Studies
  • Ph.D. Resource Management and Consumer Service
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Home Science

Therefore, B.Sc Home Science graduates should have common sense, expediency, organizational ability, above-average intellect, manual agility, scientific talent, the capacity to interact satisfactorily with all types of people, a reasonable approach, the ability to articulate oneself, a sense of humor, and an interest in social situations.

How to enroll in this course?

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