B.A Public Administration course

BA Public Administration course studies government policy implementation, Public administration working systems, and procedures. The government’s role is to maintain peace and order while protecting the rights and lives of citizens.

BA Public Administration must ensure that citizens obey the law and honor agreements, and must settle any disputes that arise. All these important functions of the government are accomplished through B.A Public Administration degree.

As more responsibilities land on the government, the need for better management of public affairs continues to increase. Any country’s administration is a reflection of the potentialities and merit of its citizens. The very root of the progress and growth of the country lies in a fully developed public administration. B.A Public Administration course refers to the study of government policy implementation.

In recent times, the study of B.A Public Administration degree as a separate discipline at the university level has seen a surge of interest among students in India and abroad. In particular, the increasing importance of public administration in people’s lives has made it essential to study its working system and procedure. Apart from seeking jobs, yet another option for students is to pursue higher education. The following list is some higher education options available to B.A Public Administration course student:

Subjects in BA Public Administration:

The following list is some of the common subjects covered in the B.A Public Administration degree include:

  • Scope of New Public Administration
  • Communication, Decentralization, and Delegation
  • Association: Meaning and Basics
  • New Public Management and Public and Private Administration
  • Open Administration: Meaning, Evolution, Nature, Significance
  • Types of Organisations: Formal and Informal
  • Independent Regulatory Commission
  • Department, Board, Corporation, and Commission
  • Basics of Public Administration
  • Managerial Law
  • Assigned Legislation

Likewise, B.A Public Administration has other topics like Hypotheses of Organisation: Classical and Bureaucratic, Components of Personnel Administration, and Open Funds: Accounting and Auditing. Also, the law and work-related topics liks Essential Rights and Duties, Elements of Indian Administration, Chief Minister: Appointment Powers and Functions. Moreover, B.A Public Administration has service-related topics State and District Administration, Service of Home Affairs: Organization and Functions, Divisional Commissioner: Powers, Position, and Functions, Development Administration.

  • MA in Public Administration
  • Master of Business Administration (MBA) 
  • Ph.D. in Public Administration

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