Higher studies after B.Sc Medical Imaging

B.Sc Medical Imaging Technology is one of the popular Medical Science courses that train you in diagnosing and treating different ailments and diseases using X-rays. There are various higher studies available in India and other countries for the B.Sc Medical Imaging Technology (Radio Diagnosis) course after completing it.

In order to build a flourishing career in Radiology and Radiography, you should have a keen eye for detail, excellent research skills, the ability to interpret technical data, and should be the ability to use radiography equipment with utmost precision. 

Higher Studies for B.Sc Medical Imaging Technology:

Students can pursue many specializations under B.Sc Medical Imaging Technology (Radio Diagnosis) course. The following list is some popular higher studies available for B.Sc Medical Imaging Technology degree students:

  • MA
  • MBA
  • PhD

PG courses after BSc Radiology:

Though B.Sc Medical Imaging Technology degree builds a strong foundation in the field, however, to gain advanced knowledge by specializing in a particular field, you should pursue PG courses. The following list is some popular PG courses after B.Sc Medical Imaging Technology:

  • MSc Radiology
  • MSc Medical Radiation Physics
  • PGD in Radiotherapy Technology
  • PGD in X-ray Radiography
  • PGD in Ultra-Sonography
  • Master of Magnetic Resonance Technology
  • Master of Radiopharmaceutical Science
  • Master of Medical Radiation – Nuclear Radiation

There are also many higher study options available for graduate students after a B.Sc Medical Imaging Technology degree, which can help them better understand the subject.  Also, gaining more education can help B.Sc Medical Imaging Technology students pursue a career in research if they are interested in it.

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