Distance Learning and Traditional Classes

Can distance learning replace traditional classes? Let’s see with COVID-19, several various alternatives have had to be put in these trying times to protect human beings from the deadly virus.  One of these security steps has been to substitute distance and online learning for traditional classes.  Many of us are contemplating the problem now. After the pandemic is over, with traditional classes, we can proceed with distance learning, or return to normal life.  I believe that traditional classes are very important and that, instead of distance learning. They should be kept because they encourage social interaction, teach time management, and make experiential learning more interesting.

Time Management: Next, there is no time management in day-to-day life in online learning, while in conventional classes students must be punctual and arrive on time every day.  This requires a lot of planning, both the night before and in the morning.  However, an online class does not take more than five minutes to plan.  There is no commute, and only a laptop or Android mobile is required.  This can be very damaging to the child in the future as they may never be punctual and, in most situations.

Benefits of distance learning :

Going forward, traditional classes make it possible to teach a broader range of classes, including extracurricular activities.  For instance, if students want to take a major in art or pursue a dance career. They must practice in person so that their instructor can correct or perform an example of their error. In online learning, as the teacher does not correct the student, there is no way that these courses can be at the same level.

Finally, with hands-on activities, traditional classes are capable of making learning interesting.  For example, you will not be able to conduct any experiments online in science class.  This is because you do not have the materials or you are unable to follow the instructions.  Whereas in conventional schooling, you can conduct several experiments in science class. Another advantage of traditional classes is that you can go on field trips.  This is not possible in an online class.

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