Distance learning and its evolution

One such concept of the education system that has gained immense popularity in the last few years is distance learning courses. Due to this arrangement, the country’s population cannot attend campus-based or full-time courses. But like any other education program, the distance education program has many advantages as well as drawbacks. Here we are going to tell you about the same advantages and disadvantages. After which you can decide whether this is the right program for you or not. 

The cost of distance learning courses is generally less than other education programs. Distance education allows the student to complete the course of his choice from his home. Due to this all the expenses that are incurred in any campus-based programs, be it related to transport or accommodation, or food, are eliminated. This is the reason distance education program is a financially economical option for both students and parents. Apart from the convenience of taking courses from home. The distance education program can be a great option for students to save more on their studies.

Advantages of Distance Learning:

In distance learning courses, students can complete their desired course from any place through the computer and the internet. A significant portion of those enrolling for distance education is employed. Under this education system, such students can study conveniently without compromising on their job or business. Apart from this, study materials are also available online. As we know, distance education is online based, so students can study and complete assignments from the comfort of their homes. 

Most of the institutes offer distance education. Programs provide their students with study material or lectures and tutorials through online video conferencing. This arrangement allows students to learn their course from the comfort of their living room, and garden directly from the classroom.

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