B.Tech Printing Technology Career

Know the career opportunities you can gain by studying B.Tech Printing Technology. You can able you to get more knowledge about this course. Printing Technology courses basically contain knowledge about topics like Introduction and history of printing technology, Types of Presses & Plates etc. Besides it also involves different printing stages like hand-operated printing & steam-powered presses, modern 3D, laser etc.

Printing Industry is one of the fastest growing industries of the country. Thus, the career opportunities are rising rapidly in this field. This field offers promising opportunities to the deserving one. Printing Technology has definite scope in today’s media-driven world. Hence the printing jobs will not be restricted to the press industry.

Printing is a process for reproducing text and image, typically with ink on paper using a printing press. Moreover this is a large-scale industrial process. Still this is an essential part of publishing and transaction printing. Thus this course is dedicated towards the management of the jobs concerned with printing in a printing press.

Scope of B.Tech Printing Technology

B.Tech in Printing Technology deals with the printing processes. Various New technologies can be used to improve the quality of print in various domains. Further this B.Tech Printing Technology course is going to have lots of opportunities. Along with rising job opportunities, this printing technology course brings lots of scope for research and development. Not only that but also for all those who are interested in Research.

B.Tech Printing Technology in distance education is one of the latest addition to the list of unique courses in engineering. Besides this course teaches the students how to deal with high quality printing machines. They are used in various sectors like news paper, magazines, packaging industry etc. Thus the students who have cleared their 12th class exam with Physics, Chemistry, Maths subjects are eligible for this course.

After pursuing courses in this field, you can get jobs in magazines, newspapers and advertising agencies, government and private publication houses. And also you can get teaching jobs in various colleges and universities. You can work in government-run or private publishing houses approach printing technology graduates. As a fresher, you work as an editor, sub-editor, assistant sub-editor, associate editor or assistant editor in the publication division. The various job areas that the students can gain after taking this course are;

Job Areas:

  • Publishing Companies / houses
  • News Papers Production
  • Digital Printing
  • Electronic Printing
  • Security Printing
  • Textile Industry
  • Automobile
  • Advertising Companies
  • Magazines
  • Polymer technology relating companies

In case of Printing Technology, The students have immense opportunities, hence a very bright future. With Evolving technology, Printing technology is one of the fastest growing fields in India. Career opportunities are rising rapidly and a lot of skilled manpower is required. Once B.tech Printing Technology is done, students get lots of job opportunities.

  • Some of the key factors which are mandatory for a B.Tech in Printing Technology Engineer to be successful are
  • Strong theory foundation which is imperative for understanding Printing phenomena in practical ways which will eventually help students improve their skill set.
  • Hands-on training in technical details & information which will eventually help in developing and understanding concepts of Printing related theories.
  • Practice-oriented approach with completely equipped laboratories where students can get a strong foundation of actual aspects of Printing Technology.

Career for B.Tech Printing Technology graduates:

  • Lecturer
  • Printing Supervisor
  • Printing engineer
  • Software engineer
  • Printing technologist
  • Cloud Technology Specialist
  • Marketing manager
  • Quality Assurance engineers
  • Graphics Designer
  • Branding Designer
  • Packaging Development Manager
  • Screen Room Printing Engineer

Hence, B.Tech Printing Technology in distance education is a boon for those who are keenly interested in printing and mass communication with the help of printing. Additionally this course discusses various processes involved in printing like designing, image setting, printing, binding, plate making, etc. Therefor the needs to be well equipped in diverse skills to become proficient in printing technology.


Printing technology is highly in demand in artworks and film making. Hence from the perspective of career and money, printing has lots of scope. B.Tech Printing Technology course has become a new dimension of learning and it has lots of potential for research and development. In fact with the advent of new technology the form of expression via printing has changed a lot. Therefore the developments in the field of printing technology requires new minds who can incorporate new ideas. This helps in further advancement in the process of printing.

Almost every printing press in the nation requires candidates with a bachelor degree in printing technology. Enlisting the most significant of these are the newspaper printing press and the printing presses of the magazines and journals. Therefore the sound knowledge of the candidate as a quality technician drags them to enormous job profiles.
Careers in printing are available in a number of manufacturing and commercial companies. Printer manufacturing is another sector that provides opportunities to printing degree holders.

Especially, the scope in B.Tech Printing Technology in distance education courses in India is increasing day by day. With the innovation done in  printing technology, there are various career opportunities available for the students. In addition to this the other reasons are that it promises different printing technology job designations. This also provide with good salary packages under different employment areas like;

Area of Recruitment:

  • Printing (Textile Company)
  • Colleges & Universities
  • Digital and electronic printing
  • Cloud Technology Companies
  • Polymer Technology companies
  • Security printing
  • Automobiles
  • Advertising Agencies
  • Textile industries
  • Newspapers
  • Magazines
  • Government Presses
  • Publishing Houses/companies
  • Printer Manufacturing units
  • Packaging Industries

Therefore, the graduates in printing technology can work in private and government sectors. B.Tech Printing Technology is one of the emerging, courses. Where students who are interested in innovating and thinking out of the box can enter this field. Also those who have keen interest in expressing their thoughts in pictorial manner in innovative way can take this course.

Moreover there are numerous advantages available in this printing Technology courses. But some of the main advantages of printing Technology courses are wide range of employment areas where he or she can apply for a job. Apart from this is the second main advantage of the B.Tech Printing Technology course is that it offers reasonable salaries under every job designation.

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