Career for Online MA History

Graduates who study an Online MA History can enjoy a wide range of career opportunities and potential for career growth. The skills and knowledge acquired during their studies prepare them for various professional paths. Here’s a closer look at career growth prospects for Online MA History graduates:


Assistant Professor: Many history graduates start their careers as assistant professors at colleges or universities. They can advance to associate and full professor positions as they gain teaching experience and publish research.

Department Chair: With extensive teaching and administrative experience, historians can also become department chairs, overseeing academic programs and faculty.

Historical Researcher: Historians can work as independent researchers or for research organizations, contributing to the field with published articles, books, and research projects.

Author and Historian: Graduates can establish themselves as authors, writing books on historical topics and building a reputation as subject-matter experts.

Curator: Historians in museum positions can advance to senior curator or curator-in-chief roles, responsible for managing collections and exhibitions.

Job Roles:

Museum Director: With experience, historians can become museum directors, overseeing entire institutions and shaping their strategic direction.

Archivist: Historians in archival roles can also progress to become head archivists or archivists in charge of specific collections.

Archives Manager: Experienced archivists may also take on managerial roles, overseeing entire archival departments.

Historical Advisor: Historians can also advise government agencies on historical matters, and over time, they may be promoted to senior advisory positions.

Policy Analyst: With expertise in historical policy analysis, MA History graduates can advance to policy analyst roles, influencing government decisions.

Private Sector:

Corporate Historian: Some businesses hire historians to research and document their company’s history. Over time, corporate historians can become senior historical consultants or managers.

Market Research Analyst: Historians working in market research can also progress to lead research teams or become senior analysts.

Editor-in-Chief: Historians in the publishing industry can advance to top editorial positions, overseeing publications and editorial teams.

Senior Correspondent: Journalists with historical expertise can also become senior correspondents, covering significant historical events and developments.

Historical Consultant: MA History graduates offering historical consulting services can expand their client base and take on more extensive and high-profile projects.

Consulting Firm Partner: With experience and a successful track record, historians can also become partners in historical consulting firms.

Nonprofit Sector:

Program Manager: Historians in nonprofit organizations can advance to program manager or director roles, overseeing larger initiatives and budgets.

Executive Director: With extensive experience, historians can also become executive directors of nonprofit organizations, shaping their missions and strategies.

Library Director: Historians working in libraries can also progress to library director roles, where they oversee library operations and services.

Digital Archivist: With expertise in digital archiving, graduates can also become specialists in managing digital historical collections.

Legal and Paralegal Careers: MA History graduates often possess strong research and analytical skills that are valuable in the legal field. With additional training, they can also become paralegals, legal researchers, or even lawyers.

Future Scope:

International Organizations: Historians with expertise in global history and diplomacy may find opportunities in international organizations, such as the United Nations, where they can advance to senior roles in diplomacy, policy analysis, or cultural preservation.

Career growth in the field of history is often facilitated by continued professional development, networking, and a commitment to ongoing research and scholarship. The ability to adapt historical knowledge and skills to various sectors and roles ensures that Online MA History graduates have the potential for a dynamic and rewarding career journey.

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