Career for MBA Co-operative Management

MBA Co-operative management course is a two-year post-graduate degree program. This course includes the subjects such as human resources, capital, and facilities. Then, career for an MBA Co-operative management course desire to improve the effectiveness and equity of resource management systems in cooperative environments. MBA in Co-operative Management can likewise decide on representing considerable authority in particular parts of the associations, for example, HRM, records and back, examine, venture advancement, and so forth.

MBA in Co-operative Management students can pursue research-based higher degrees such as a Ph.D. in Cooperative Management. Then, most by far of the students who seek capabilities in the management field make their professions in organization and management of cooperative associations.

MBA Co-operative career options

MBA Co-operative Management course employment areas are banking firms and financial institutions, like ICICI Bank, Wipro, Duncan, Tata, Mas, Apollo, and also in Forties hospital. Also, they can find suitable jobs like division manager, project manager, management consultant, researcher, and team leader. Let’s see below the best salary package for various jobs;

  • Team Leader – Salary 4 LPA
  • Project Manager – Salary 8 LPA
  • Divisional Manager – Salary 4.5 LPA
  • Researcher – Salary 5 LPA
  • Management Consultant – Salary 7 LPA

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