Career options and scope of B.Sc Nursing graduates.

B.Sc Nursing is a four-year undergraduate program focused on developing critical care advanced thinking skills proficiency and values necessary for the practice of professional nursing and midwifery. In this post, we have listed out the vast career opportunities available for B.Sc Nursing degree holders.

B.Sc Nursing jobs are readily available for graduates. In fact, this course has a wide radius of jobs available, and the B.Sc Nursing scope in India in the medical and teaching departments is massive for fresh graduates. The Indian Nursing Council has verified several offers for prominent government and private sector posts. The B.Sc Nursing degree syllabus and subject structure are comprehensive, providing candidates with knowledge of all the latest treatments and procedures and keeping them up to date with all the new terminologies.

B.Sc Nursing jobs have a wide range of opportunities and offers. Students choose either to opt for a job or else can go forward and continue their higher education. In particular, they can also enroll for post-graduation courses like MSc in Renal, MSc Biochemistry, MSc Nursing, MSc Biotechnology, etc. The major B.Sc Nursing jobs are nursing superintendents, Indian Government, Teachers, Nursing assistants/supervisors, etc.

Career options for B.Sc Nursing degree holders:

Below are some of the popular jobs after B.Sc Nursing degree:

  • Home Care Nurses
  • Nursing Assistant
  • Nurse – Nursery School
  • Nurse & Patient Educator
  • Junior Psychiatric Nurse
  • Psychiatric Nurse

Moreover, B.Sc Nursing course gives numerous opportunities to students for numerous job scopes in India. Since there is a need for nurses in both the private and public sectors, aspirants don’t need to worry about getting employed after education. So, here are some job opportunities after B.Sc Nursing:

  • Staff Nurse
  • Nursing Service Administrators
  • Assistant Nursing Superintendent
  • Industrial Nurse
  • Department Supervisor
  • Nursing Supervisor or Ward Sister
  • Nursing Superintendent
  • Community Health Nurse (CHN)
  • Director of Nursing
  • Military Nurse
  • Deputy Nursing Superintendent
  • Teacher of Nursing

B.Sc Nursing degree holders are always in demand owing to the prominence and growth of the medical and healthcare sectors. Eventually, the average B.Sc Nursing salary in India ranges from INR 1.2 – 4.8 LPA. In fact, studying B.Sc Nursing course in abroad is an attractive option for students who can afford it.

The students gather more practical knowledge compared to domestic students. Additionally, there are many jobs after B.Sc Nursing course available such as Nurse Manager, Psychiatric Nurse, Nursing Tutor, etc. Further, candidates can expect a salary between INR 10 to 15.5 LPA on average.

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