Blended mode of Teaching and learning

A teacher or instructor uses both online learning and offline resources to teach students in blended learning. A blended mode of teaching through PC learning mode and some training will be done directly in the classroom.

In blended learning, the same students participate in both face-to-face and online classes.  Although both methods use online classes and direct learning, both are different learning methods. At times like these, both learning styles can benefit teachers and students alike.

In a teacher-centered teaching approach, teachers are the centers of authority. Student’s learning outcomes through tests and evaluations. 

Impact of blended teaching:

Developing a blended learning mode in teaching approach across all educational institutions is a step in the right direction to help every student to succeed. A blended learning paradigm of online classes with a person-centered approach. Aims to achieve social and personal development by combining online learning instruction and face-to-face meetings. 

A study aimed at the basic influence of personal attitudes on students’ motivation and learning outcomes. The study suggested that a blended learning paradigm that accommodates social and individual processes can lead to improved learning only. If instructors are perceived as personally well-equipped to fill this space. 

From the learners’ perspective, then blended learning can draw from all options, equipment, tools, media, technology, etc., that match their prior knowledge and learning style to achieve current learning objectives.

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