Best distance education degree after 12th arts?

Nowadays, many students are confused about their higher education. Because there are tremendous undergraduate, postgraduate, diploma, and certificate courses available for the 12th-passed students. So here we list out the major courses available for 12th arts students. Did you know? There is a lot of best distance education degree available for 12th arts students. Let’s see them below!!

Before seeing the course list, you should know the benefits you can get from arts stream study. In today’s world, many people believe that an arts degree is not valuable for the future. It’s only used to add the degree after our name to a wedding invitation. But that’s not like that. An Arts degree equips students with different perspectives to strengthen their ability to cope with uncertainty because that’s going to be the future of work for everybody. Pursuing an arts degree improves one’s creativity skills and thinking capacity. They can also become good problem solvers and team players or leaders. 

With such a broad range of careers to choose from, an arts degree is always a worthwhile endeavor. Whether you use the subjects you study throughout the degree in your professional life, or instead, they shape you as a person, learning for passion is always beneficial. It gives you the chance to explore subjects outside of the arts, develop new perspectives, and learn to collaborate with others who have different strengths and interests.

List of UG programs available for 12th arts students:

  • BBA- Bachelor of Business Administration.
  • BMS- Bachelor of Management Science.
  • BFA- Bachelor of Fine Arts.
  • BEM- Bachelor of Event Management.
  • BHM- Bachelor of Hotel Management 
  • Integrated Law Course- BA + LL.B.
  • BJMC- Bachelor of Journalism and Mass Communication.
  • BFD- Bachelor of Fashion Designing.
  • BSW- Bachelor of Social Work.
  • Bachelor of Arts programs (Tamil, English, History, Public Administration, Psychology, etc.)

Above all the courses is the best distance education degree for 12th arts students. From these courses a student can enter into the following fields; Journalism, Mass Comm, Fashion Designing, Web Designing, Graphic Designing, Data Entry, Internet Designing, Pharmacy, Nursing, Beauty and Wellness, Physiotherapy, Commercial Pilot, etc. Moreover, having a degree enables you to qualify for these additional opportunities and offers you more flexibility in where you choose to work. Not only are there more jobs available to degree holders than high school graduates, but the existing jobs are also more accessible.

On other hand, compared with regular college studies, distance education has scored high on flexibility for students. Also, It’s less expensive than traditional education, and students can get access to the newest digital recorded content. Additionally, remote access to distance learning courses helps students worldwide to study from the comfort of their homes, or while on the move. Students remain independent and empower to organize their schedules.

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