The B.Sc Home Science course is a three-year bachelor’s program that deals with professional science in nutrition, health, environment, human development, and other departments in the science field and brings everyday life in tune with changing environments. Bachelor of Science in Home Science job opportunities are in sectors like centers for merchandising, community development, the fashion industry, hotels, the food industry, clubs, etc. One of the benefits of the B.Sc Home Science course is actually a flexible course that can be suitable for every seeking candidate.

A Bachelor of Science in Home Science degree serves as the foundation for further higher education in this discipline, such as a Master of Science or a Ph.D. degree in Home Science, the successful completion of which qualifies one for the position of lecturer in any university/college.

Benefits of B.Sc Home Science Course

B.Sc Science in Home Science degree graduates can pursue careers in a variety of Home Science specialties. Such as Foods and Nutrition, Clothing and Textiles, Child Development, Home Management, and Extension Education. Bachelor of Science in Home Science degree holders can find work in hospitals, cafeterias, commercial restaurants, and welfare organizations. Also, they can work in fashion design, fashion journalism, apparel merchandising, and community development programs.

B.Sc Home Science course students will be benefits by getting careers in the following employment areas like Consultancy, and Community Development Programs. Also, they get jobs in Cafeterias, Food Industry, Hotels, Fashion Designing Companies / Fashion Journalism, etc. In addition, other areas include Hospitals, Manufacturing Industries, Sales Promotion of Food Items, Tourist Resorts, Textile Businesses, and so on.

The graduates of B.Sc Science in Home Science degree can get the benefits of a place in the job types like Assistant Dress Designer, Assistant Fashion Designer, Baby Care Taker / Child, CareGiver, Cook / Chef, Demonstrator, Food Analyst / Food Scientist, Housekeeper / Nanny, Health Care Worker / Hospital Attendant, Nutrition Expert, Pantry In-charge, Research Assistant/ Teacher or Lecturer, etc.

How to enroll in this course?

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