Benefits of B.A Economics degree

B.A (Economics) or Bachelor of Arts in Economics is an Under-Graduate Economics course. Economics is the social science that analyzes the production, distribution, and consumption of goods and services. Benefits of Pursuing an undergraduate degree as B.A Economics course offers tremendous job opportunities in both the private and public sectors. The curriculum of the B.A Economics program comprises areas such as definition, nature, scope, concepts, utility, production, market, monopoly, and other minor or major aspects of Economics. 

Benefits of B.A Economics degree:

B.A Economics is suitable for those who are willing to go for teaching fields at a higher degree level i.e., college and university level both in private and government institutions. They should have skills like communication, numeracy, problem-solving, computing, time management, and analytical skills.

B.A Economics course enables the students to go to various commerce and banking-related jobs. One can go for higher degree programs in respective subjects such as M.A. in Economics. The Indian Economic Service and Reserve Bank of India are excellent options open to those who want to join government services after it. They are placed in the Planning Commission, Planning Board, Ministry of Economic Affairs, National Sample Survey, and other departments that need specialists in economics.

B.A Economics degree allows exploration of a variety of disciplinary and interdisciplinary views on economic questions and policy.  It allows the exploration of a variety of disciplinary and interdisciplinary views on economic questions and policy. Graduate study in economics requires a strong foundation in economic theory and mathematics, both of which are integral parts of the economics major.

Career Options:

B.A Economics degree is good preparation for a Masters in Business Administration program. And it provides an excellent foundation for any career or graduate study in public policy analysis. Also, is good preparation for many private and public sector jobs and careers in managerial, administrative, or sales positions. These courses offer students the opportunities to do computer simulations, and economic experiments, create economic web pages and participate in fieldwork research projects.

BA Economics graduates play an important role in financial and business advising. A B.A Economics prepares individuals for a variety of jobs in both the public and private sectors of the economy. Economics professionals can also work in the area of accounting, where they could specialize in analyzing an institution’s, or company’s business. This course got the benefits of providing various job opportunities for both fresher and experienced graduates. They get work as Sales, Teaching, Bankers, Manager, Consultant, Forecasters, Analysts, Journalists, Data Analysts, and Field officers. Also, they get job designations as IAS Officers, IFs Officers, Seniors, Managers, Lawyers, CA, Research Analysts, etc.

Some of the areas our students have pursued after graduation are Business, Insurance, Law, Medicine Government, Non-profit organizations (and NGOs), International Relations/Development, Urban, Planning, Policy Analysis, Public Policy/Public, Administration, Journalism, Media, Graduate programs, Education, etc.

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