Benefits of pursuing B.Sc Microbiology

The B.Sc Microbiology degree provides a detailed study of microorganisms and their effect on the human body in a  3 years undergraduate course. The B.Sc Microbiology syllabus also contains information on different types of viruses and bacteria and how they function in human cells. One of the major benefits of pursuing a B.Sc Microbiology course is to get a wide range of career and job opportunities in both India and abroad.


Also, there are various benefits that a student can gain by pursuing this B.Sc Microbiology program as follows; The graduates can also work as a teacher in the field of microbiology at a college or university. And can opt for a career as a science writer, who writes articles for common people and professional microbiologists. The B.Sc Microbiology course students can become public health microbiologist who tries to control the spread of communicable diseases. They often monitor community food establishments and water supplies. Besides they can also go for a Master’s degree and research work after completing this B.Sc Microbiology degree.

The B.Sc Microbiology students can get the benefits of getting places in employment areas like Colleges & Universities, Development laboratories, Hospitals, the Pharmaceutical Sector, the Food Industry, Beverage Units, and Chemical Industries and in the B.Sc Microbiology program job types like Biochemist, Bacteriologist, Biotechnologist, Biomedical Scientist, Cell Biologist, Environmental Microbiologist, Food Microbiologist, Geneticist, Immunologist, Industrial, Microbiologist, Junior Research Officer. In addition to this other roles includes Lab Technician, Mycologist, Microbiologist, Medical Coder, Medical Microbiologist, Proto Zoologist, Research Associate, Virologist, etc.

job opportunities:

A B.Sc Microbiology degree graduate can open up job opportunities for candidates in various unique profiles such as bacteriologists, virologists, cell biologists, Mycologists, and many more. The B.Sc Microbiology candidates after completion of the course can opt for higher education by enrolling in the M.Sc programs such as M.Sc Microbiology, M.Sc Applied Microbiology, M.Sc Medical Microbiology, and M.Sc Microbial Genetics and Bioinformatics. 

A PG degree also increases the job prospect for the candidates. Similarly, the candidates can opt for Ph.D. courses after completing their PG. B.Sc Microbiology opens up opportunities for research. Microbiologists continuously research microbes to understand the next wave of infectious diseases, the environmental impact of microbes, the effect of microbes on food products, and many more. After completing the B.Sc Microbiology course the microbiologist in India earns around INR 310,000 per annum. A microbiologist with over 10 years of experience can earn up to INR 600,000 per annum.

How to enroll in this course?

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