Benefits of B.A English Literature

Benefits of B.A English Literature is immense for the graduates who are pursuing or completed the course. BA English Literature is an UG degree for three years. It deals with various types of writing, which include novels, non-fiction, poetry, and plays.

After completion of the BA English Literature in distance education course, the graduates can work as Writers, Academic Librarians, Advertising Account Executive, Advertising Copywriter, Arts Administrator, Information Officer, Marketing Executive. They can also work in Colleges, Schools, Publishing Houses, News Media Houses, etc.

There is a huge demand for BA English Literature graduates in publishing houses that offer regular and freelance jobs for developing course content for schools and colleges. Candidates having an interest in the English language and literature are a good match for it.

They can become teachers and lecturers in schools and colleges after completing a Master’s degree course and research work.

Graduates who are willing to go abroad, especially to English-speaking countries with the purpose of studying, working and the like also are suitable for the course.

BA English Literature is designed for learners who wish to attain a comprehensive background in English language and literature at an advanced level. It exposes the student to socio-political issues and theoretical frameworks concerning contemporary research in English literature. Must-have skills are:

  • Analytical Thinking
  • Critical Thinking
  • Applicable knowledge of literary theories
  • Prior experience in analyzing works
  • Communication Skills
  • Creative Thinking

Benefits of B.A English Literature:

Firstly, this course teaches students about various avenues of English and Indian literature including novels, plays, poetry, prose, etc. BA English Literature is one of the most popular programs among students who wish to pursue a career in scriptwriting, journalism, teaching in India. The range of topics covered in the program starts from Shakespeare to Elizabethan age literature, Contemporary and Western Literature.

Hence there are a huge demand for teachers in private English medium schools, private universities, and colleges. To get a job as a teacher or a lecturer, you need to do an MA in English along with UG degree. It is easier for BA English literature graduates to enter the marketing sector. With MBA or PG Diploma in Management, students can get high-paying jobs in the marketing sector.

BA English Literature in distance education imparts basic knowledge of the English language and literature of different eras and ages. The academic course will train you to understand the key aspects of the subject. This will develop an independent and creative thinking process, and will also enhance your communication skills. The teaching methods can be different, but the study curriculum of a wide range of universities remains the same. A study of English Literature allows students to explore the different eras of English composition and prominent writers in those times.

Scope of BA English Literature:

There are various career options available. They are print and electronic media to pursue a writing career as a novelist, reporter, journalist, editor, scriptwriter, copywriter, etc. BA English Literature graduates can also work in IT or Digital Marketing sector as a content writer, copywriter, and editor. Due to the rise in employment opportunities in the digital/online marketing industry, BA English literature students can easily work as freelancers in such sectors.

BA English Literature graduates can also find opportunities in the government sector by clearing civil services exams or finding jobs in NGOs. The range of job profiles available are so wide, the salary range is also accordingly quite large for a BA English Literature in distance education graduates. Salaries will differ from company to company and according to the job profile. One can expect to earn between INR 2,00,000 lacs p.a. – INR 5,00,000 lacs p.a.

Where to enroll this course?

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