Bachelor of Fire and Safety | Syllabus | Subjects

The Bachelor of Fire and Safety course subjects is focused on management skills and equips students with knowledge of fire prevention and protection strategies. A Bachelor of Fire & Safety degree also prepares graduates for careers in disaster management, design, and research. 

This Bachelor of Fire course can help you become more knowledgeable about fire safety. Bachelor of Fire course are also huge career options, including fire insurance claims, and hospital fire safety. Then, you can also work with the National Fire Protection Association, develop standards, or publish your research. 

Generally, the Bachelor of Fire and Safety course teaching methodology include smart classrooms for theoretical class, the latest equipped laboratories for practical training, learning from problem-solving, detailed digital notes with attractive images, flow charts, diagrams, etc.

The Bachelor of Fire & Safety degree includes the study of subjects such as the design of better fire-resistant equipment and plants, an in-depth understanding of the Science of Fire, its risks, and control techniques. Then, the Bachelor of Fire & Safety degree lasts three years and provides several work opportunities upon graduation.

List of subjects in Bachelor of Fire and Safety:

The demand for qualified fire and safety specialists is rapidly increasing in every society. Bachelor of Fire course will assist employees in understanding the significance of knowing and comprehending an evacuation plan as well as what to do in the event of a workplace fire. Then, some major subjects that come under this Bachelor of Fire and Safety course are:

  • Fire Tech & Design
  • Construction Safety
  • Industrial safety
  • Environmental safety
  • Fire control technology
  • Safety management
  • Construction industry safety
  • Security Management of Industrial Plants
  • Fire Science
  • Emergency planning & First Aid
  • Organization, Administration, and Management Responsibility
  • Chemical and environmental hazards
  • Industrial Psychology, Ergonomics, and Accidents

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