B.A English Literature Course

B.A English Literature Course, is an undergraduate course for three years. The design for students who wish a comprehensive background in English language literature, related topics are at advanced level. After completion, the B.A English Literature graduates can work as Writers, Academic Librarians, Advertising Account Executive, Advertising Copywriter. Besides other jobs are Arts Administrator, Information Officer, Marketing Executive, working in Colleges, Schools, Publishing Houses, News Media Houses, etc.

This B.A English Literature in Distance education Course is one of the most selected Art Courses. Students can find job opportunities in teaching, publishing, government NGOs, and even non-traditional sectors of IT, Marketing, and Digital Marketing. B.A English Literature graduates have also the option of going to the area including museums, community, and voluntary organizations. They can run private coaching centers regarding English language coaching, speaking etc.

Advertising account executive, Content marketing manager, Client Service Manager are the current high-paying job options. The average pay is INR 15,0000- 20,0000 per month initially. Upon graduating with a BA English Literature in distance education degree, students can gain employment in vast areas.

B.A English Literature Course Eligibility:

Generally, the eligibility criteria to be admitted into a BA English Literature college is as follows:

As per the minimum qualification, the student’s 10, +2 level examinations score should be at least 50% from a recognized board. As a part of the core subjects, English must have been studied by the student. The Bachelor of Arts degree course in English Literature covers lessons on almost all the best-known and best-loved writers such as Chaucer, Shakespeare, Swift, Milton, Jane Austen, and Dickens, and the list is countless.

The BA English Literature consists of chapters that progress chronologically through the periods of English Literature and writings. The duration of the BA English Literature is three years. B.A English Literature graduates having an interest in the English language and literature are a good match for it. Those who want to become teachers and lecturers in schools and colleges after completing a Master’s degree course and then for research work can go for it.

Candidates willing to go abroad with the purpose of studying, working and the like also are suitable for the course. BA English Literature distance education degree holders are eligible for pursuing their Post-Graduate degrees and thus become further eligible for the jobs. It exposes the student to socio-political issues and theoretical frameworks concerning contemporary research in English literature. The skills gained are analytical and critical thinking, knowledge of literary theories,. In addition to this the experience in analyzing works, communication Skill and creative thinking is obtained.

Where to enroll this course?

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