BA Animation jobs

BA Animation jobs is available for graduates in a wider and more diverse variety of roles. The career options are very wide and diverse, due to the flexibility of the coursework that the students obtain.  Jobs for BA Animation graduates are available to students at ease.

A student can easily map their BA Animation in distance education course as per his or her future aspirations with options. 3D Artist jobs are the primary areas of employment for graduates of the BA Animation course. Moreover the animators may have chances to work under supervised setups, start their venture, or work as a freelancer.

Besides, advanced courses available after successful completion of Bachelor of Arts in Animation are MSc, MA, Master of Animation, PG Diploma, and PG Certificate courses. Hence some of the well-known courses are- MSc in Animation and Multimedia, M.Sc. in Animation and Digital Filmmaking, MSc in Visual Effects, MA in Animation, and Multimedia, MA in Digital Filmmaking and Animation, PG Diploma in Animation, etc. Students can select the subjects of their choice depending on their interest in job prospects available in the specific field. Since BA Animation graduates with a Bachelor of Arts in Animation degree possess skills in various subjects, there are career opportunities available in multiple fields for them.

BA Animation jobs:

The BA Animation scope of work for a graduate is comprehensive and varies over a large number of working areas and sectors. Listed below are some of the popular jobs undertaken by BA Animation graduates:

  • Flash Animator
  • Art Director
  • BG Modeler
  • 3D Animator
  • Comic Book Artist
  • Concept Designer
  • Industrial Designer
  • Layout Artist
  • Film and Video Editor
  • Storyboard Artist
  • Technical Director
  • Videogame Designer
  • VFX Supervisor, etc.

BA Animation Job Areas of recruitment:

There is a large scope of BA Animation jobs for graduates in both the private and public sectors. Therefore after BA Animation students pursuing a BA Animation course are not limited to their specific areas resulting in a vast job. Hence, with many specializations, the BA Animation in distance education course is an all-around course. Similarly concerning the previous academic background the personal choice and the ability of the student towards a particular program, there exists an appropriate plan for almost every candidate opting for the BA Animation course. Some of the areas of recruitment are:

  • Colleges/Universities
  • Gaming Industry
  • Private Companies
  • Environmental Consultancies
  • Advertising Agencies
  • Environmental Protection Agencies
  • Information Systems Organizations
  • Education Authorities
  • Website Design Industry
  • News & Magazines
  • Tourism, etc.

Hence, the BA Animation salary for the graduates can differ according to the specialization that the aspirants decide to pursue. In addition to this the other factors which can affect BA Animation salary in India include experience, location, specialization. And also the graduates can increase their salary by doing internships and work placements as it would add to their experiences.

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