B.Sc OT and AT course

A B.Sc OT and AT course or Bachelor of Science in Operation Theatre and Anesthesia Technology is an undergraduate degree program that focuses on the knowledge and skills required to assist surgeons and anesthesiologists during surgical procedures. This program prepares students to work in operation theaters, intensive care units, and other healthcare settings. 

The duration of the B.Sc Operation Theatre and Anesthesia Technology program is typically 3 years, divided into six semesters.Candidates are generally required to have completed their 10th, +2 education (or equivalent) in the Science stream, preferably with Biology as a main subject.

Core Subjects:

Anatomy and Physiology:

Study of the structure and functions of the human body, including the major organs and systems.

Microbiology and Pathology:

Understanding microorganisms, infections, and diseases relevant to surgical procedures and patient care.

Basic Nursing and Patient Care:

Learning fundamental nursing skills, including patient hygiene, safety, and basic healthcare procedures.

Operation Theatre Techniques:

Understanding the setup, sterilization, and maintenance of operation theaters. They also learned about surgical instruments and their uses.

Anesthesia Technology:

Studying the principles of anesthesia, different types of anesthesia, and anesthesia equipment. Understanding the role of an anesthesia technologist during surgery.


Learning about medications, their uses, dosage, and administration methods relevant to anesthesia and surgical procedures.

Medical Ethics and Law:

Moreover, understanding ethical issues in healthcare, patient rights, and legal aspects related to surgery and anesthesia.

Infection Control and Sterilization:

Likewise, studying techniques to control and prevent infections in operation theaters. Learning about sterilization methods for instruments and equipment.

Emergency and Critical Care Management:

Moreover, understand procedures and protocols for handling emergencies and critical situations in operation theaters and intensive care units.

Clinical Training and Internship:

Gaining hands-on experience through clinical placements in hospitals and healthcare facilities. Internships also provide practical training in operation theater management, assisting in surgeries, and anesthesia technology.

Hospital Management and Communication Skills:

Learning about hospital administration, effective communication skills, and teamwork in a healthcare setting.

Therefore, graduates of B.Sc Operation Theatre and Anesthesia Technology programs can work as Operation Theatre Technologists, Anesthesia Technologists, Surgical Assistants, and Critical Care Technologists. They can also find employment in hospitals, clinics, surgical centers, and other healthcare facilities where surgical and anesthesia services are provided.

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